Issue 3
Now Available as a PDF Edition

At the request of many readers, Issue 3, which sold out of its original print-run
several years ago, is now being made available again as a full-colour 116-page
PDF edition, created direct from the original InDesign files.

The 40Mb file will be sent to you via a WeTransfer link that will be sent to the
email address on your PayPal payment. Please note, the link is NOT
automated, but it will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Journey into Time
An in-depth look at the aborted 1966/67 radio series starring Peter Cushing.
"Oh No You Shouldn't!"
A look at William Hartnell's appearance in the Puss in Boots pantomime over Christmas
Designing The Space Pirates
Nick Bullen reveals he original costume designs for The Space Pirates.
The Original Sarah Jane Smith
We reveal just what happened when actress April Walker was cast as Sarah Jane Smith in
The Living Planet
For the first time, we look at Alan Wakeman's unmade storyline written during the summer of
Hayles Storm
Fully reproduced for the first time, we look at ten unproduced storylines submitted by Brian
Hayles for the first four Doctors.
The Evil of the Daleks
Production designer Chris Thompson exclusively shares with us his unseen off-screen and on-
set photographs from this classic story.
On Location Photographs
We present a selection of previously unseen photographs from the location filming of The
Smugglers,The Enemy of the World and The Invasion.
Memory Lane
What happened to the three film Daleks given away as prizes in the 1965 TV Century 21
What exactly were the Mark 7 Daleks that the winners received in the 1972 Radio Times
Fantastic Facts
Lost toys, tentacles and trivia from the worlds of Doctor Who.
Illuminating The Dark Dimension
For the first time, we uncover the truth about the cancelled 30th anniversary special
Lost in the Dark Dimension in our special 30-page feature.
(Jan 2012)